Invitation To Players!
July 1, 2020 - 19:05:15

Hello dear F403 players, i would like to invite you all to join our server and tell us what you want to see inside the game.
Just download the Client from download page and start the Launcher, there will be some updates i did thru time, 22 updates to be exactly.

After the client it's fully updated, just go in-game and play it.

PS: We didn't touch the DROPS/REWARDS at all.

We are in this stage of the game where we are working on some daily quests, there will be some impactful in-game rewards, without those rewards you wouldn't be able to fight other guys that has done this quests couple of times. We also do not know what exactly you will receive and how to combine that to be as impactful as we want, but we already tested some things out and we are really happy with the results, so we do have something in mind but we are not really sure if we stick to this ideea or not.

Our invitation to you has been sent, waiting for your suggestions.

PS2: Don't worry, we are some old developers of this game so it won't hard for us to sort things out, the main problem for us is, how do players like the game this days? Back in 2012 when i started with my servers (Transilvania Cabal Online, Castlevania Cabal Online) i was up to date with everything.

Kindly regards, F403 Team!


F403 Website Beta Arrived!
June 25, 2020 - 23:12:00

Hello dear F403 players, the beta mode is ON.

As some of you already know, i'm owner of old Castlevania/Transilvania.

Website beta is also ready to obtain informations.

I will not add to many things to the website because i don't you want you guys to relay on the website plugins/modules very much.

So there will be added only necessary plugins/modules.

Visit out forum/discord to get in touch with us and we also like to hear from you what should we change/add/modify/remove/etc.

Have a good day!